Thursday, January 29, 2009

More Air

I went to a wedding on Saturday last. It was stunning. So very casual (I wore shorts and a rather smart white printed linen shirt) and yet so very appropriate. It's the second marriage for both bride and groom and they love each other with so much passion that it makes me a little jealous. More than a little actually.

But that's not what this air is about. I had a conversation for the second time in a week (the first was at the wedding, hence the mention) this afternoon with my friend Ms K about kids names.

I have mine picked out.

Thomas, for a chap - after my maternal grandfather,
Kyra, for a chapette - after a name I heard that I really like.

Is it just me or do other people (single, unmarried, no prospects etc...) have the names they want for their as to be conceived children already in place?


(I took the the above pic at the wedding and it's of two daughters of friends. Gorgeous, well mannered kids. Who like swinging on trees.)


Friday said...

I had all my childrens names picked out long before any of them were thought of... and then when they were born, I called them something else!!

sulkygirl said...

Well.. I have for a long time loved the name Elia for a 'chapette'.. but now [with a heads up to Joss Whedon] I could see myself with an Inara..
Or even if i think about it.. Ilona..
or Lola..

"L's" and lots and lots of vowels seem to be the order of the day for me..

For the chaps.. well.. I don't know that I have thought of a chap's name..

I am 38 and unmarried.. I think I should prolly give up on the thinking up of names.. and shall die a virgin..

Similar Simian said...

Weird that you bring up Whedon there Sulky Lady... I watched his webisodic musical yesterday, Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog.


I wonder if my kid would mind being called Dr Horrible?

sparsely kate said...

Great kids names!

I had names picked out when I was about 18...I named exactly zero of my children those names though. Mainly because I didn't marry anybody foreign or exotic. I married a painter from perth named kevin. So 'Heinrich, Pier, Boothe, Ruby and Brishan' may have been a bit of a non-fit.

I still dream about breeding with a German however so I at least could get a shot at Heinrich.

You're not German are you, per chance? :)

Ju said...

well being the child fanatic with none currently of my own...although I do have a massive brood of other peoples the moment I am loving:
*Angela (angie)
*something else reallllly cool just can't remember


the projectivist said...

i love all of Ju's choices.
maybe not Angela though.

Katie, you're still young my lass.
there's still PLENTY of time for your very own little Heinrich! (god help him. cough)

i don't think that i had names chosen. just careers.

child one: celebrated photographer and author. (coming along nicely)

child two: talented artist slash designer. (also coming to fruition)

i ran out of plans after that, perhaps a mechanic or electrician might be handy?

i'm completely selfless.

Selma said...

I wanted 6 kids. I had their names picked out from my love of novels about boarding school as a child - Peregrine, Tarquin, Lucretia, Bunty, Lawrence, and in a rare moment of mythological reference, Electra.

As it turned out I had one child and named him Nick. Go figure!!

the projectivist said...

wow, Selma has GREAT taste in names!
apart from Electra, because i just keep seeing Ben Affleck's missus (i can't remember her name). Jen i think.

i'm suffering from withdrawals, so there's no telling what's going on in my head, what those crazy cravings will make me do next.
which is why you need to write something, to help take my mind off the AGONY that is not smoking.

Airport Sushi said...

We didn't have names picked out until I found out I was pregnant last month. The first thing my husband did was to go look up some names online!