Saturday, February 28, 2009

Monkey On A Plate

I'm back. Been on the road directing the food and wine show. It's called NZ On A Plate, which is a pretty lame title, but there you go. 5 locations around the country in 12 days. Very quick shoot. Not ideal, but sadly my inner control freak was taken into the backyard and given a beatdown by the producers.

Shooting has wrapped, now I'm editing all 12 episodes and I've decided to blog about the process. People know a lot these days about the process of making film and television, due mainly I think to the immediacey of media. You can't do something stupid, or awesome, these days without it popping up right away on Possibly.

But while people have an idea of the process they don't know the day to day... the stuff that happens while you're not looking, the conversations that take place while you're not listening, the decisions that get made while you're cuddling a blow up doll that looks suspiciously like Ben Affleck.

So for the next few weeks I'll throw some stuff on here about what I'm doing to all these hours of footage I've got, the dynamics of directing and cutting something that I'm not really in control of and of course my endless quest for creating the perfect girlfriend out of bananas.

Below are some pics from the shoot...

Monday, February 9, 2009


I've been absent for a while, and it's about to continue. Actually, can it be 'about to continue' if it never actually stopped?

Anyway - due to the weather being hot, me being at the beach, me being at work and me being drunk I haven't been posting. And on Wednesday morning I'm off to begin shooting the food and wine show. Where it'll probably be hot, I'll probably get to a couple of beaches and I'll almost certainly be drunk at least some of the time.

To all the very lovely Australian people that might stumble in here from time to time - I hope you and yours are all safe and well. I've donated to the Oz Red Cross and have bullied others into doing the same. Keep safe and my thoughts are with you.