Thursday, January 29, 2009


Many people can air guitar. Some can even do it well enough to win prizes at events for people who air guitar well enough to enter events where they might win prizes for air guitar.

However, not many people can air drum.

Just a thought. As I try to air drum.

Another thought... is it possible I'm my own worst enemy? Is it possible that we're all our own worst enemy? Or do we all have a nemesis out there waiting behind a corner with a 'your life is fucked' gun?

Just a thought.


sparsely kate said...

Yes yes yes we are our own worst enemy. I am queen of self-sabotage. You are probably the king.

Selma said...

I air harmonica. As well as being fun it tones the upper arms. I am also my own worst enemy. My doppelganger lurks in the shadows whispering things that undermine my good intentions.