Saturday, January 3, 2009


Someone once said to me,'it's always a mistake to be alone with someone you shouldn't have loved'. I can't recall who it was that said it, but they were probably in a loving and stable relationship when they said it, so I probably punched them in the face for being smug, profound and correct all at the same time. No one likes a smart arse.

The wise, sultry and lovely Kimba has asked about dating and what people want... oh boy... oh dear...

The comments on her site are for the most part brilliantly honest and true (aside from mine of course, which was my inner 14 year old boy typing for me), which has lead me to wonder today, what the hell am I looking for?

At Christmas my Mum told me in a moment driven by two glasses of wine that I should marry either one of two of my best girlfriends. Then on Christmas day my Dad decided to have a man-to-man chat about how my life was going off the rails because I'm in a creative industry that offers no security and by the way when are you going to meet a nice girl and marry her and settle down and calm down etc etc etc...

I adore my parents. They've bailed me out financially, emotionally and physically (I got stuck in a sinking boat) over all my life. That's not why I adore them though. The reason I adore them is that they are the most in love couple I've ever met. Ever. Married 36 years this year and my Dad still can not sleep if my Mum is away. Her job takes her overseas twice a year and twice a year I get phone calls from Dad at 7am, 2am, 11pm, 2pm and so on... I want that love. Everyone deserves that love. They've worked so hard at it but it's there, still.

Wow, random post.

I should get a girlfriend.

Or do the dishes.


kimba said...

imagine how happy you would be doing your girlfriends dishes..?

good luck on the quest..
Your parents sound divine. x

the projectivist said...

one of the things i really like about you, Mr Simian (having never met you) is the way that you express that longing through your writing.

i like to pretend that the world holds more than one Mr Simian, hopefully the other Mr Simians don't live too far from me, and one day, not next month, nor the month after that, but one day - i'll be wearing the cardigan of his dreams (with just the hint of bra) and we'll fall madly, passionately in love.

i'm sure that you will find the cardigan-wearing-woman-of-your dreams too.

La Femme said...

I am with Ms P.

The fact that you exist, leads me to believe that there must be more than one like you.

Selma said...

You are a catch, remember that. And she is out there. Waiting for you.

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