Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Fricking Christmas

To all that I know from this little place... I hope your day is a little bit lovely.

Chrissy Kisses.



sulkygirl said...

sim sim.. you little monkey of christmas cheer.. xx from a boozed up slapper in australia.

the projectivist said...

Merry McChristmas Matt!

My day WAS lovely, full of wonderful traditional foodstuffs like Mojito's and cheesecake! Oh and High School Musical 3. Come to think of it, that last bit wasn't so great.

Hope yours was a High School Musical free zone!

Selma said...

My Christmas day was merry and scary, stuck on one hand with a bunch of boozed-up revellers who know how to party; and on the other, with a bunch of born-again Christians talking about Jesus being the reason for the season. Such is life.
Hope you had a brilliant day. All my love. XXXXX