Monday, October 6, 2008

Friday Night Lights

Friday night. Ms MJ picks me up for date number two.


Saturday night. Taxi drops me back at my place after dark.



Her good friends hold a party. Many people. None I know. Doesn't bother me, that situation never has. Vodka is poured, conversations exchanged, laughter. There's a kiss. She cuts me a line of something. I inhale. There's dancing and more vodka and more laughter and another secret, quiet, yet shattering kiss. The sun is coming up. Another line is put in front of me. I inhale. Music changes, from rhythmic dance to James Brown telling the world he's a sex machine. More vodka, more laughter, more conversations, someone takes out a camera. An embrace on the deck, a whispered letter to each other. The sun is fully up. Sunglasses go on. The music goes on.

An invitation... come with me back to mine... I go. We sleep. Her wrapped in me. We wake. We laugh. There's a golden number of kisses. Conversation flows easily. I leave for my own home. As I leave she speaks. I want to see you again very badly. Those words of hers are mine forever now. I can hear them.

It's easy. All I have to do is close my eyes.


Kate said...

A decision?
Third date and you'll care.

Similar Simian said...

I hate decisions. I'm still not wearing pants coz I couldn't pick one pair this morning.

Kate said...

Pants trousers or pants knickers?
These are important decisions.

Write a list of pros and cons show them to each lady and see which one has a sense of humour about it.
Should be fun.

kimba said...

Oh damn and here was I falling in love with you and you falling in love with someone else..

travistee said...

Ooooooh....delicious. It's a great feeling to 'not know yet'.
Enjoy it!

the projectivist said...

gods you're a romantic sop!
it's mostly why i like you.

(please don't take offense at that comment, you're a rarity mr simian - and it's comforting to know that there is a man out there who thinks like you - gives me hope)

i vote for not worrying about decisions and just enjoy the reveal.

you sound sweetly happy

Anonymous said...

God, I'm practically falling in love with you after reading that but then I am old enough to be well - your much older sister.

The fact that you're not wearing pants shows how much she has discombobulated you. No trousers. It's a sign. Go for it.

Ju said...

Yip. Pretty sure I am DEFINITLY not going to Raro with you...between the women in Auckland, the mysterious MJ and these incredibly smitten fans on your blog...I am out. Sigh. xoxo

jon said...

"It never rains...around here...

It just comes pouring down..."


Similar Simian said...

Ms Kate - you should be a relationship advisor. It would be a shortlived career, but highly entertaining.

Ms Kimba - sorry my little love quote... we have to go on an all night bender before I give my heart away. And with you in Melbourne that presents something of a location problem...

Ms Trav - thanks, I'm trying to enjoy it, but my head is going a million miles an hour. Which makes me look slightly odd.

Ms P - gievn the choice I'll always go for the reveal. I'm a giant perv like that.

Ms Selma - you forgot to ad 'wise and attractive' to the older sister line. Oooo, smooth...

Ms Jolga - you need to come and see me before I take you to Raro with me. Miss ya.