Thursday, September 11, 2008

Procrastination, Lederhosen and Thought

I know four bits of German. The first three of them, in what seems to be the right order, are faster, tank, and eleven beers please. I learned them from war comics.

My fourth bit of German is the very useful word Zeitgeist. It literally means the ghost of the future. Less literally it means the spirit of the age. But though I do like the word Zeitgeist, I don't like it's present manifestation. For I am out of tune with the Zeitgeist.

The Zeitgeist requires us to be driven people. Efficient. Productive. Refridgerated. We are required to be lured by the football of success towards the goals that we may or may not have set for ourselves somewhere on the playing field of life.

If the Zeitgeist required me to talk nonsense with people I love, drink enormous amounts of wine, smoke as many delicious Marlboro (sp. thank you Selma) Lights as I can humanly handle, waste time in ever more creative ways... actually, that brings me to a quote I read a while back. It was a rather impressive dude called Philip Larkin who observed that it matters bugger all what you do with time for 'however you use it, it goes'.

I love nothing better than to paddle in the shallows of thought. This blog should be evidence enough of that. The world is various, and to waste time is simply to float in its variety.

Eleven beers please.

(this post is your fault, K Banazi)


Kate said...

Thing is though, I dont think I think, I think I daydream, complete with dribble.
Someone once thought I was a bit 'special'.

I miss smoking.
I miss smoking alot.

I dont miss working on music vids and rubbing baby oil into girls buttocks whilst they are wearing very short Lederhosen.

See... I wander aimlessly as a cloud.

I like the word Zetgeist too, but its a shame that when anyone says it out loud they sound like a wanker.

the projectivist said...

they sound like pompous wankers, kate.

i need to hear more about this 'rubbing baby oil into girls buttocks' thing you had going.

business or pleasure?

Similar Simian said...

Thank god you asked... I was going mental with unusual male restraint over the oil and buttocks and the rubbing and girls and the dribble...

Selma said...

Baby oil and girls buttocks? What kind of blog is this?

I only know one bit of German :'Das ist der kugelschrieber,' which means 'That is the pencil.' It has come in handy on many a night out with randy Germans, but I can assure you there was no baby oil involved.

Similar Simian said...

Don't look at me woman! (and by woman I mean Selma)

If I think about oil and buttock I keep that shit private.

Or I write about it. With a pencil.

Anonymous said...

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