Friday, September 12, 2008

A Block Party

My love of music knows few boundaries. In making music tv for the past few years I've worked with folk musicians, hip hoppers, rockers, rappers, soulers and everything in between. It's not a cliche or a cop out when I say I like a little bit o'everything.

So when I say that my favourite music at the moment is coming fron a doco that I've had in my DVD library (yeah, I'm a massive geek) for the past 3 years, you best believe I mean it. YOU BEST BELIEVE! (that's my threatening tone...) If you haven't seen the film Dave Chapelles' Block Party, I suggest you do. It will raise the hairs on your soul. Well, it does to me.


the projectivist said...

in leaving a comment for this post mr simian, i have to admit something slightly embarrassing.

i had to google this 'dave chappelle' fellow (that's not the embarrassing thing. i'll tell you when i get to the embarrassing thing).
i was mightily surprised at your recommendation, it must be said.

turns out dave chappelle is that comedian fellow with the annoying voice.

i saw him on Oprah.
(this is the bit i find embarrassing)
yes, i sometimes watch Oprah.
not prohibits it.
mostly it's been to catch a glimpse of that chap Nate - the designer.
i'm sure you know him.

back on topic...

i'm highly sceptical about your recommendation mr simian, it must be said.
i watched a bit of it on youtube.
is it the music that you love?
the bit i saw showed someone from the audience saying things like
a lot.

i feel 38.

Similar Simian said...

Bless ya Ms P.

It's partly the music and partly the overall feeling of the experience. I'm a sucker for anything that makes my feet tap and that movie had both legs going like pistons.

38 ain't nothin muthafucka.


Selma said...

'I'm Rick James, bitch.'

Dave Chappelle is such a comedic talent and he really loves his music. The highlights of the block party for me were Jill Scott, Mos Def, Erykah and the Fugees. I even liked Kanye West (whom I don't normally like because I think he's a bit up himself). The house band rocked it, didn't they?

Ju said...

yeah so...simian the saint introduced me to the forementioned mr chapelle...and it rocked my world. Jill scott however...she rocks it like a horse in a dingy