Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Arriving on a jet plane

I'm coming to Melbourne.

A couple of years after my last visit I'm returning to the scene of several crimes.

I'll be staying in Collingwood with my oldest friend. Well, the friend that I've known the longest at least, she's just turned 30 and just got engaged, and somehow I managed to miss both of those events so here I come.

I'd love to throw words in the face of some of you Melbourne folk, or at the very least buy you a glass of wine (and not smoke a sneaky cigarette around you Ms P) and have a yarn.

Easter is the time. Mr J. Christ did some stuff and we get a holiday. Yay him! I'm going to celebrate his sacrifice by having a brilliant weekend and if you happen to be in Melbourne and fancy a wine then drop me a little number.


kimba said...

sim sim.. you'll miss me by a day..

Anonymous said...

sim sim you'll miss me by about 8 hours drive in the northernly direction. :(

kimba said...

atchully.. you miss me by days and days.. I leave Melbourne 6 April..

Similar Simian said...

Well that's it then.

Trip just will have to be cancelled!

Anonymous said...

ah come to canberra instead. kate and i are here :)

Anonymous said...

Next time come to Sydney will you? I would love to meet you. Have fun on your Aussie holiday.

Good-Grace said...

hope you are having a lovely time!!

the projectivist said...

i'm getting quite cross with you now. where are you?!
nothing. not a jot!
you'd better be doing something good to make up for all this non-blogging.

here is a short list of acceptable excuses for not blogging.

1. You've joined a knitting circle and you're knitting a 3m x 3m giant throw cushion to raise money for the plight of the featherless budgie.

2. You've fallen down behind the sofa and can't get to the computer. You've been subsisting on the packet of Jammie Dodgers that had fallen down behind the cushions.

3. You're building me a mid-century modern style credenza, but you're having trouble with the inlay on the left hand side of the unit. It's taken far longer than you thought it would. you're such a perfectionist!

i'm hoping that it's excuse number three. i'm not that fussy about inlay though.

now hurry up and get back here!

Aussie Bugger said...

This non-appearance is getting ridiculous...

Are you finally getting laid?!?!?

kimba said...

ummmmm.. anyone know where this little hairy monkey boy is?

not answering emails or blog comments?

have you lost your fingers?

Anonymous said...

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